Air Changes Per Hour

Air Changes in all homes and that’s a good thing. Air leaks through door and window frames, outlets and switches on exterior walls, attic hatches and basically anything that protrudes from the inside to the outside through exterior walls, attics and crawl spaces.

As the the air escapes new fresh air comes in which keep us and the home healthy. However, too many air changes in the home can create problems such as increased heating and cooling costs, discomfort and even mold and mildew.

The IECC, International Energy Coservation Code has recommendations on the amount of air changes per hour a home should have. In South Eastern Pennsylvania which is in climate zone 4 according to the IECC, 3 air changes per hour are acceptable. The state of Pennsylvania however, has amended the code to allow up to 5 air changes per hour.

The best way to go about measuring air changes in a home is by conducting a Home Energy Audit with a Blower Door Test.

Keeping air changes per hour at an acceptable rate is the best way to ensure your home stays comfortable, healthy and energy efficient.