Blower Door Testing Equipment

Blower Door Testing Equipment consists of a frame which is adjustable to fit into the openings of various sized doors. There is a calibrated fan which is attached to the door to either pressurize or depressurize a home or building. Most of the time when we are conducting a blower door test we depressurize the home. Once the home is depressurized new air begins to infiltrates the home. The amount of air that infiltrates a home is measured in air changes per hour. We use an instrument called a nanometer to measure the air changes per hour. Although some air changes are good for a home too many air changes mean that the new air that infiltrates the home has to be reheated or cooled resulting in increased energy consumption. The IECC or International Energy Coservation Code has limits on the number of acceptable air changes per hour. Sealing a building well from the outside in will limit the amount of air leakage that escapes from a home and increases the energy efficiency.