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Achieve Superior Energy Efficiency with Duct Leakage Testing in Moorestown, NJ

Welcome to Local Energy Audits, your professional resource for duct leakage testing in Moorestown, New Jersey. We are dedicated to helping homeowners and builders achieve the highest standards of energy efficiency and comfort in their properties.

In Moorestown’s varied climate, ensuring that your home’s heating and cooling systems are operating efficiently is vital. Duct leakage can significantly impact this efficiency, leading to higher energy bills and inconsistent indoor temperatures. Our advanced blower door tests are designed to precisely identify and address these leakages, optimizing your home’s energy use and comfort.

Builders in Moorestown, NJ, will find our services particularly beneficial for adhering to local building codes and streamlining the process of closing building permits. We provide thorough testing and necessary documentation to ensure your projects meet all energy efficiency requirements.

At Local Energy Audits, we understand that a well-sealed duct system is key to more than just energy savings. It plays a crucial role in improving indoor air quality, reducing the infiltration of pollutants, and creating a healthier living environment for you and your family.

Residents and builders in Moorestown, NJ, can rely on Local Energy Audits for comprehensive duct leakage testing. Don’t let duct inefficiencies affect your home’s comfort and energy costs. Contact us at (888) 213-3975 and let our team of experts help you achieve an energy-efficient, comfortable, and healthy home.

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Duct Leakage Test

A duct leakage testing begins by sealing all the ducts and registers with duct mask tape on both the supply and return side.

Duct Leakage Testing

After the registers are sealed we attached the duct tester to either the unit itself or a main return.

Duct Leakage Test

The ducts are then depressurized to a Pascal of 25. With the ducts depressurized we can use the nanometer to get a reading of the duct leakage.

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