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Achieve Optimal Home Efficiency with Duct Leakage Testing in Mount Holly, NJ

Welcome to Local Energy Audits, where we offer exceptional duct leakage testing services in Mount Holly, New Jersey. Our goal is to assist homeowners and builders in achieving the highest level of energy efficiency and comfort in their properties.

In the unique environment of Mount Holly, maintaining an efficient heating and cooling system is essential. Duct leakages, however, can significantly impair this efficiency, leading to increased energy costs and uneven home temperatures. Our blower door testing methods are designed to precisely identify and rectify these issues, ensuring your HVAC system operates at peak performance.

Builders in Mount Holly, NJ, will find our services especially beneficial. We provide comprehensive testing and the necessary documentation to meet local building codes, aiding in the efficient completion of building permits. Our expertise in local energy efficiency standards ensures your projects meet all the required regulations.

At Local Energy Audits, we understand that a properly sealed duct system is crucial not just for energy savings but also for a healthier living space. Our testing improves indoor air quality by minimizing the entrance of external pollutants and allergens.

For residents and builders in Mount Holly, NJ, Local Energy Audits is your trusted partner for duct leakage testing. Don’t let inefficient ductwork compromise your home’s energy efficiency and comfort. Contact us at (888) 213-3975. for expert service. Our
team is prepared to help your home achieve its best in terms of energy performance and comfort.

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Duct Leakage Test

A duct leakage testing begins by sealing all the ducts and registers with duct mask tape on both the supply and return side.

Duct Leakage Testing

After the registers are sealed we attached the duct tester to either the unit itself or a main return.

Duct Leakage Test

The ducts are then depressurized to a Pascal of 25. With the ducts depressurized we can use the nanometer to get a reading of the duct leakage.

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